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  • Quick install – Faster install than original heavy cladding, saving you additional time and money on labour and transportation costs
  • Realistic stone veneers are available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles
  • High quality, won’t rust, buckle or fade
  • Eco friendly, reduces environmental impact and consumption of the worlds raw materials
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for both interior and exterior projects
  • Custom made cladding made to order providing consistent colours and pigments per order


How to make artificial stone venner

Cladding Walls using Manufactured, Artificial Stones Veneer

Natural, real stones have been used for building and wall panelling material since time was first recorded. Everything that was built using stones in the history: The Great Pyramids of Egypt and Medieval Castles, Great Chinese Wall and Roman Aqueducts are showing not only astonishing appearance but also durability and strength of any structure.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Natural Stones?

  • High labour and shipping costs
  • Heavy weight, thickness
  • Random shapes
  • Require a strong foundation beneath the stone

Although the natural stones have all clear advantages, many people choosing the artificial stones (fake stones) in their wall cladding projects. The real stones have some disadvantages such as, probably the mains ones, heavy weight, thickness and random shapes. All of these can dramatically complicate cladding walls and make high demands of bearing surface and more importantly, high labour and shipping costs. The shipping of natural stones can actually cost more than the stone itself because of the natural stones are heavy. Once they been delivered on site, the stone must often be extensively trimmed to fit aesthetically into a wall. This adds to the labour cost. Using natural stone also requires a strong foundation beneath the stone to support the weight. Furthermore, the texture and colours are limited.


Why Is It Better To Use Manufactured Stones?

Stacked Stone Outdoor
  • Installation is quicker, easier and cheaper
  • Can be installed on almost any wall
  • No special foundation or footing required
  • Easy to install for the DIY or Trade Professional
  • Lightweight
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Adds value to the property

Manufactured, Artificial Stones have many advantages to real stones. First - Stone cladding is quicker, easier and cheaper. On average, it costs 25%-35% cheaper. Also, because Artificial Stones are man made stones, they've no limitations. They can be used in places real stones can't. They can be installed on almost any wall. Using cladding products such as faux stones add a classic, durable look to any house.

Artificial stones achieve fire ratings similar to real stone. They're also maintenance free and has proven itself in over 30 years of placement. Even with close examination, the manufactured stones, made from concrete, can be very difficult to tell apart from natural stones. Except for the lack of weight and without the hole in your pocket, stone veneer cladding products will fool the most discerning eye and can be used to create many exciting projects in and around your home.


What Can I Do With Man-Made Stones?

Stacked Stone Garage

The possibilities of using Manufactured Stones are virtually unlimited. For example, let's say you always wanted a stacked stone fireplace wall in your family room. Well, just do it with fake stacked stone panels! You simply nail the wire mesh up over your drywall or panelling and get to work. How about turning your entire office or study into a medieval interior room of a castle with artificial marble tiles? How about the side walls of a circular staircase?

How about a garden wall? Simply construct a concrete block wall (remember, it doesn't have to be absolutely perfect) and face it with manufactured stone veneer panels. How about a stone covering for the walls surrounding your garbage bins? How about stone pillars between sections of a wood privacy fence? They can be very impressive.

Think of it, the possibilities are endless! Look at the Design Ideas section.


Ok, But What Are the Artificial Stone Tiles?

Manufactured Stones is nothing more than concrete and plaster. They made from unique blend of Portland cement, polymer-impregnated plaster, water repellent, chemical additives, Lightweight Aggregates and mineral oxide pigments. But if you looked at this custom-made stones even very close and actually touched it, you can't tell they made from concrete. They don't look or feel like concrete.

Stacked Stone Some manufactured stones cannot be distinguished from the real ones. The colours and textures of these artificial stone cladding products are basically unbelievable. These realistic results are achieved, in most instances, by using highly detailed rubber moulds and special iron oxide pigments to colour the concrete mix. We also apply additional pigments directly to the rubber moulds for purposes of adding tones to the surface of the finished product. These additional pigments soak into the surface of the concrete so that they can't be easily washed off by the elements.

And because our stones are hand-made, no every single stone tile looks exactly the same as the others. That gives you more realistic feeling of your stones.


How Long Will It Last?

Some people wonder about the long term effects of weathering on these products. That is a valid concern, as this material could easily have a service life on a building between 50 and 100 years. Long term durability should not be a concern of yours. This is due to the fact that these products are manufactured under controlled conditions. This allows the concrete mix to achieve maximum strength characteristics. Normally, it takes up to 6-8 weeks for manufactured stone to cure.

The artificial stone products can be cleaned if they become dirty. You simply use a mild detergent and a stiff bristle brush. Never use a wire brush, as this may harm the surface. It is also a good idea to avoid using these artificial stone products in swimming pools. The chlorine and other pool chemicals can discolour these rocks.


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How to make artificial stone venner

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